Victoria Square: the square of our mother countries, map art project in the frame of Elpidos Mapping workshop, Facebook Page:

Project Manager: Anastasia Zoi Souliotou

Project participants: Dafne Vallianatou, Epameinondas Venetsanos, Paraskevi Giorspyrou, Christina Koutsolioutsou, Sevastiana Konstaki, Stella Bolonaki, Elena Dossa, Anastasia Zoi Souliotou and other people (artists, professionals, inhabitants, refugees, tourists) in Victoria Square.

In this project participants interacted with people in Victoria Square in Athens (Greece) asking them about the place they come from.  Many inhabitants of the neighbourhood, as well as professionals, tourists, immigrants and refugees were eager to share information about their origins and to give details about the cities or towns they come from.

After gathering all the information about the different cities and towns, the participants visited these places in Google Earth and made a collection of photos taken from the height of 100 feet.

These photos were then cut in pieces and placed around the main piece of Victoria Square in a big collective collage composing, thus, a mosaic of different places, a neighbourhood at the crossroad of cultures, memories  and civilisations.