London Walkers installation during the exhibition

London Walkers installation take down

During the dismantling of I’ve Never been to London City exhibition, we had to unglue the prints from the floor. It was a hard task and we had to tear them. I kept many of the cut pieces, however others were left there, then watered and thrown away.

Some pieces of the installation, though, could not be unglued from the floor; finally they remained there. The floor had to be painted over! And it was! But the remained pieces of my destroyed installation were right underneath this paint.

I felt really proud of these pieces of my installation underneath the upper coat of paint. It was as if I had left something in the gallery, although my exhibition was over. ‘Archaeologically there is something interesting with this!’ Tristan Roger told me in a conversation about those ‘annoying’ pieces of my installation, 5 months after my exhibition.

On the other hand, though, I had the inner need to bring this installation back to light again, instead of letting it sink into oblivion…5 months had passed and even I started to forget London Walkers installation….These worries made me reconsider the importance of Art exhibitions and led me to (re) use the remenants of the previous London Walkers installation, in order to make a new one, the nsport for London – Londo Stree.

Even though made of the same material, my work shifted to another level.

The pieces of the previous installation were bloody dirty, due to the viewers’ stepping on it.

The images were fragments cut from the initial bigger images and one could make out only some parts of the information-visual and topological.

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