nsport for London – Londo Stree

Fragments of BW digital prints Débris

triptych frames: 3 X 50 X 70 cm

Following London Walkers installation which was presented in Toilet Gallery (April 2011, Kingston Upon Thames, London),  nsport for London – Londo Stree installation is a détournement and constitutes a present reminiscent of the recent.

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2nd  frame of the triptych in installation nsport for London – Londo Stree



Fragments of London Walkers installation


Google Street View Painting Portraits

London meta-city (Virtual London City in Google Street View)


UK Detective

oil on canvas, wheels, metal poles

65 X 55 X 20 cm

Google Street View portraits thrive between movement and stagnation, animation and non-animation, as in google.citescapes project. On the one hand is a playful construction, ready to be put in movement, on the other it is senseless. What is the use of putting a painting on wheels?

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Why portraits of people in Google Maps?
Because they encourage a reconsideration of the traditional duo painter-sitter. They also mark an introduction of a new kind of portrait or non-portrait, as the characteristics appear blurry and the persons are not (or hardly) recognizable.