Invitation for the exhibition "Down Town Aegean"

Invitation for the exhibition “Down Town Aegean”


Press Release


Down Town Aegean


Painting Exhibition by Anastasia Zoi Souliotou

Monday 15th September 2014 at 18:00


Aegean College,

Panepistimiou 17,

Syntagma, Athens


tel: (+30) 210 3211228



In the context of Aegean College’s Open Day, it will take place the painting exhibition Down Town Aegean of the visual artist Anastasia Zoi Souliotou. The exhibition unfolds in 5 floors of the new modern building at the centre of Athens, showing the pulse of the Greek capital, as well as of other European capital cities.

Oil paintings, silkscreen prints, watercolours, acrylic paintings, etchings and gouache form the image of lively cityscapes, where not only places, but also people play an important role in using and activating urban space through their transportation and mobility. In Athens, in London, in Paris, in Amsterdam, passengers, flâneurs, passers-by shape together the complex urban becoming. The viewer ‘participates’ in the city pulse and is invited to visit the exhibition, in order to explore the downtowns’ aspects being at the heart of the city of Athens.

From the ‘Acropolis’ to the ‘Tottenham Court Road’ station and then to the Parisian ‘Trocadero’, from Syntagma and Monastiraki to Canary Wharf, the exhibition Down Town Aegean conveys the hectic rhythms of life in contemporary metropolises, thus revealing the emerging complexity and the self-organised networks as integral characteristics of the urban fabric.

Anastasia Zoi Souliotou graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She continued on a postgraduate level at Kingston University of London in the fields: Art & Space, Art & Technology. She is currently a PhD candidate at Paris 8 University. She has carried out solo exhibitions in Greece, United Kingdom and France. She participated in many collective exhibitions and artistic events worldwide: Greece, USA, UK, France, Cyprus, Czech Republic, China, Netherlands, Serbia, Argentina and Russia. Her artworks are in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.

Exhibition Dates:

5th September 2014 – 30th November 2014


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm


Private View:

Monday 15th September 2014 at 18:00

Entrance Free



Further Information:

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