Workshop will be held on Tuesday 26/6/2012 from 14:25 to 15:35, as part of InSEA 2012 congress, Limassol, Cyprus.




Call for Contributions

We invite people to send an image of a person with whom they communicate or collaborate in distance, an image of their “e-Mate”.

The image can be taken from skype, facebook, flickr, msn, twitter, personal webpage or any other online source, depending on the means of communication they use.

It can be sent at no later than 31st May 2012.

Please send your e-mate’s image along with the following information:
•    Name of contributor
•    Name of “e-mate”
•    Image of contributor (if you want to appear along with your e-mate in paintings)
•    Image source and means of communication (eg. skype, facebook etc)
•    Relationship with the “e-mate”

AMPASTASIA will publish image contributions in their website and paint them out. We will be in touch through emails with contributors to discuss the progress of painting. The paintings will be presented in InSEA Congress in Limassol (Cyprus), 25-27 June 2012, . Participants will paint along with AMPASTASIA and set up the e-Mates Art Exhibition.


  • In which language should the information be?

The information sent by contributors can be in any language. It would be better, though, to be in their language or the language of the place they or their e-mate live and work.

  • Is it possible for contributors to be anonymous or send nicknames?

Yes. The anonymous contributions will be listed as “anonymous” in the publication.